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how this show came to be

Funny People Cry Too was created out of my desperate desire to bring TRUTH back into society.


With the rise of social media, it appears everyone has perfect, put together lives reminding the viewer, us, that our lives are not enough. Since the rise of social media, the suicide rate has increased 30 percent, and is the second leading cause of death for people under the age of 34.


Undiagnosed depression is now the number one reason young people commit suicide today. I look at that fact, and think of course it's undiagnosed! Who are we supposed to confide in? Our friends living their #bestlife in Hawaii? Suicide rates should be decreasing, not increasing, but how can that happen when we live in a digital world that

glorifies perfection? 


We laugh. We cry. We share our pain.

Funny People Cry Too is a digital network where I encourage people to be vulnerable. Speak their truth, tell their story, and not be ashamed to cry. As a stand up comedian and class clown, being funny was what I did to cope with pain. Funny people are liked and accepted, but after years of being known as the funny girl, I was exhausted. I longed for intimate, meaningful conversations. I craved it. Don't get me wrong, I do welcome humor!  I love it, but great jokes come from great pain. If we never share the pain, we don't do comedy justice. Funny People Cry Too is a digital network focused on one word: TRUTH.

I began my career as a journalist in third world countries, writing with a focus on global poverty. After three years working as a photojournalist in Haiti, Ecuador, and Nepal, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my passion for storytelling.

What I learned from my time abroad and working in the entertainment industry is secrets fuel depression, but the truth sets them free. I know this because I hid my secrets for 24 years, and only when I exposed them, did I find my ultimate joy in life. 


As for my secret, I was raised by my mentally ill mother who went undiagnosed with schizophrenia for 50 years. Out of shame, embarrassment, and deep guilt her behavior was my fault I never told anyone about my unglamorous

childhood. Now I tell everyone, and am determined to help others find the courage to tell their stories too! I am in the business of finding my ultimate joy in this life and want to help you find yours too!

I am a daughter, a wife, a sister, a coffee addict, a runner, an outdoor enthusiast, and a mental health advocate.

I am also way too sensitive, battle with perfectionism, and struggle too feel enough in this world because like

each one of us, I am human.

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